Women Data Leaders

Project within SIGKDD Impact Program
The project is organized by HSE in St. Petersburg with the support of the KDD Impact Program and JetBrains. Our aim is to increase gender diversity and women's participation in the Russian Data Science community. We want to achieve it by means of developing online courses and video materials that present female role models for female students, in order to change the stereotypes that affect the perception of the Data Science field.
What we do
Students' online course
Online course developed and delivered by HSE students who apply Data Science techniques to their research

STEM Courses
Interventions in STEM-oriented online courses on different MOOCs platform to increase women involvement and retention
  • promote Data Science in Russia
  • create a common place for knowledge-sharing for Russians in Data Science
  • engage young female students and scholars in Data Science
  • break traditional stereotypes that coding is not for women
  • encourage women to do science
Our team
Principal Researcher
Sociology of Education and Science Laboratory, HSE.
Teaches research seminar Analytical Sociology and Big Data
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics. Lecturer at the Data Science Minor
Head TA on the Data Science minor. Member of the Machine Learning and Social Computing Research Group
TA on the Information Systems course. Member of the Machine Learning and Social Computing Research Group
Vsevolod Suschevsky
Student of the BA "Sociology and Social Informatics"
and volunteers from BA programme in "Sociology and Social Informatics"

Contact us:
NRU HSE, Sedova 55/2
Saint Petersburg
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